Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nice Sunday!

Today is a good day to come out to Kaleidoscope Gallery out on City Island. I will be working on the website today so check it out for some new products posted. If there is anything that you seen inside the store that is not up on the website yet please feel free to let us know so I can get to work putting them up onto the site.

Handmade Jewelry work done by Paul Klein (pictures on the website show Mr. Klein's work)
We carry all types of jewelry from earrings, necklaces, rings, pins, clip-ons, You can call and make an appointment with Mr. Paul Klein and design a specific piece of jewelry.

Don't you hate Christmas shopping at the last minute when all the stores are crowded? Well if you hate all of that come out to City Island's very own Kaleidoscope Gallery where we have a variety of gifts for children and adults of all ages.  Don't know what to get your secret Santa? Well come on in we have tons of gifts to chose from e.i. Money clips (engrave-able), Key chain's (engrave-able), Flask's (engrave-able), Zippo Lighters (engrave-able). 

 Check website for upcoming pics of the engrave-able keepsakes.

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